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Bock in the Frock

image of beer mug in dressDeiter had always admired the homoerotic irony of Oktoberfest: drunken Bavarians wearing leather pants, hugging one another, singing lustily. It was amazing.

It was hard not to be astounded by a land that gave birth to Nazism, Werner Heisenberg and this yearly Saturnalia.

But now, the annual festival of bock swilling and good cheer had discovered a new level of decadence. Instead of traditional lederhosen (leather pants), all the revelers in the know were planning to wear frocks (skirts, kilts).

Deiter read with interest the stated goal of the new clothing line, designed by Doreen Anders and Robert Landinger: “With all that beer flowing at the fest you need to make sure your belly is free to take it in.”

Personally, Deiter preferred the dirndl-wearing barmaids of Oktoberfest, and good pilsner, but to each, their own.

Inspired by:
Oktoberfest Frock