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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Apollo 11 Edition)

Buzz on the moonJFK presents “Er, ah, space race” (circa 1962) –> slide 1

  • we choose to go to the Moon in this decade
  • and do the other things
  • not because they’re easy but because they are hard
  • just like listening to Miss Monroe sing me happy birthday.

Nixon presents “I can’t believe I have to watch this” (July 20, 1969) –> (only slide)

  • started by that damned Kennedy
  • why is the picture so grainy?
  • we can send men to the fucking moon, but the picture is grainy?
  • isn’t there a baseball game on or something?

Neil Armstrong presents “Small step” (July 20, 1969) –> slide 1

  • That’s one small step for a man
  • Giant leap for mankind
  • Not that small — think I may have pulled something in my groin.

Buzz Aldrin presents “Landing” (July 20, 1969) –> slide 2

  • Beautiful, beautiful
  • Magnificent desolatation
  • Holy crap! What is that thing?

Video montage of mission at YouTube.

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