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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (DaVinci First 'Flight' Edition)

Da Vinci drawing of wingHuman flight (slide one)

  • Always wanted to fly
  • Inspired by bird touching me in crib
  • No, with wing, not guano, wiseass.

Gliding looks likely (slide six)

  • Birds function according to mathematical laws
  • Man can reproduce similar instrument
  • Not eggs, though.

Test behind shop

  • Roof of Corte Vecchia is perfect spot
  • Sheltered corner behind tower
  • Workmen finishing the tiburio of cathedral will not see me and say rude things about the machine.

Twisted ankle (only slide)

  • Glad I only tested from roof, not cliff-top as originally thought
  • Perhaps a parachute next?

Inspired by:
Anniversary of Da Vinci’s unsuccessful flying machine test (January 3, 1496).


  1. # Man can reproduce similar instrument
    # Not eggs, though.

    maybe so but there are women who can do things with bird’s eggs bird’s just cannot top.

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