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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Dog Edition #3)

Jack Russell and the ball
Pepper the Jack Russell presents “Throw the ball!” –> only one slide, but repeated until he’s unconscious

  • Throw the ball!
  • Throw the ball!
  • Throw. The. Ball!!!!!!

Rufnorak the Rottweiler presents “My Jaws” –> slide 2

  • I can make them go wide.
  • I can fit your arm in my mouth, you know.
  • Here let me show you
  • Why you runnin’?

Satan the Squirrel presents “The Enemy” –> slide 6

  • At this point they will be chasing you
  • Get in a tree
  • But not too high
  • They really ate it when you say: “di-di-di-di-di” from a perch in a tree that’s juuuuust out of their reach.

Photo by Eviltwin