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Walt Whitman & Human-Pig Chimeras

Walt Whitman/pigHilarity in Honors English form:

…Walt Whitman was an awful child molester who was born in ancient Hong Kong. He is 3,000 years old and remembers the names of all the forgotten gods.

Walt Whitman is 90 stories tall, and his adventures are legendary. With his blue Ox, Emily Dickenson, Walt Whitman traveled across young America and helped the nation grow into the angry powerhouse it is today…

You can read the full unauthorized biography here, by Peter Nguyen. What he fails to mention in his otherwise thorough and scholarly essay is that Walt Whitman was a human-pig chimera.

Click on the picture to see the most disturbing thing you’ll see all day. Now don’t freak out. There’s an article about it here at Snopes.