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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (The Dog Edition #2)

Wrinkly dogs in car windowControlling humans (slide 6)

  • staring is effective, but you can’t give up
  • no matter what, keep staring
  • keep with it — don’t take your eyes off them
  • eventually they’ll give you food.

Controlling humans (slide 7)

  • if staring doesn’t work, start drooling
  • copiously.

A Place Called Shangri La (slide 1)

  • this place exists, because I have smelled it
  • doors slide open automatically
  • inside is food, lots and lots of food.

Car etiquette (slide 2)

  • tongue out when under 30 mph.

Car etiquette (slide 6)

  • drive-by barkings are acceptable, and expected.

Property issues (slide 2)

  • if it’s in my mouth, I own it
  • if it’s on the ground, and I can get to it, and put it my mouth, I own it
  • even if I can’t get to it
  • still mine.

Photo by Emdot | More dogs at the Friday Ark


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