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Won't anyone think of the cheeses!

Prophet with cheeseThousands of tasty Danish cheeses are going uneaten in nations where the religion of Muhammad comes before everything else. Including decent Danablu pie.

“I have been protesting the cartoons they published first in a Danish newspaper, which I never saw, but nevertheless, outrage me, by not buying Danish cheese. Yes, I love Danish blue cheese pie, but I am faithful, and I will not have Allah’s prophet mocked by potty-mouthed Danes. Or the French,” Mohomomad Denai said.

Boycotts and protests are all very well, say some Muslim clerics, but to really get the point across, it would be better to administer some beatings. The first such violence was inflicted upon two Arla Foods employees in Saudi Arabia. Several hard cheeses were inserted in uncomfortable personal places.

The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which originally published 12 caricatures depicting the Prophet Muhammad (including one that shows him wearing a turban in the shape of a bomb with a lit fuse), asked Flemming Rose, culture editor, to defend the paper by explaining: “these were not directed against Muslims, but against people in cultural life in Europe who are submitting themselves to self-censorship when dealing with Islam.”

Meanwhile, thousands of stinky cheeses sit uneaten in holds of ships and in warehouses throughout the Muslim world.

“My God,” said an imam who wished to remain anonymous, “won’t anyone think of the chesses?”

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