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The Lost PowerPoint Slides: The Ultimate Pyramid Scheme (Part 5.1)

The Lost PowerPoint SlidesThe ancient Egyptians were famous for taking the concept of “work” and the mysterious burial chamber to new heights (and depths), when they began building massive edifices they called “pyramids”.

Though initially it was thought these were sophisticated storage receptacles for a variety of mummified sweetmeats, it turns out that they were in fact a form of political propaganda.

In either case, whether they were constructed to later enable Bud Abbott’s cinematic career, or if they were created to show posterity how seriously kick-ass the Pharohs were, there were certainly side effects. The most serious, at the time, was the pressure it put on the economy responsible for work motivation. Today, this has morphed into something called “human resources”, but back in the Pharoh’s day it was a much less complicated affair, something called Khufu’s Productivity Pyramid:

Khufu's Modest Burial Chamber

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  1. I like this idea and may well adopt it for my household’s chores. Granted, the pyramid would be smaller, but it would still contain the important points, like “10,000 whips.” Of course, the footnote would have to remain. There is no way I will allow the kids to put aliens to work when it comes to their chores. Do you have any idea what kind of mess those little bastids leave behind?

  2. Yes, General Kang is not only a complete slob, he enjoys lobbing … uh, things that should not be lobbed. Let’s leave it at that. 🙂 m.

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