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The Neil-monkey's new album: Living with War

Are you up for some Friday Neilage? You can listen to the whole album, streaming right here. (I’ve just started listening and it’s good. “Restless Consumer” is great, and “Shock and Awe” is rockin’.)

And if you can’t wait for it to come round on the album, you can find the lyrics of “Let’s Impeach the President” at (surprisingly) the Fox network.


  1. I listened. Wish I could say I liked it. The Fox guy says Impeach the President is as good as Country Joe’s Fixin’ to Die Rag, so I A/B’d them. Not even close. I’m an old Neil Young fan–“It’s Only Castles Burning” got a mention in a thesis I wrote once–but here he’s sold his birthright for a pot of message.

  2. General Kang has dispatched a phalanx of rhesus monkeys (armed with taffeta gowns and electric cattle prods) to deal with your heresy!

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