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Wednesday-O-Rama with Wings!

Genius (with Turkey)A few more Carnivals to make note of and hosts to thank for including The Skwib. First off, it’s late, but the Tangled Bank (hosted by Living the Scientific Life) has tons of really interesting scientific reading, presented in a lovely way with essays and purdy pictures. As always, thanks to the Conservative Cat for including us in his funny stuff. And you will find a nicely thought-out and presented version of the Carnival of the Vanities today at Technogypsy.

And having recently toured my blogroll, I’d like to point out some fun stuff that I’ve found:

Over at The Poutine Diaries, Steve has another installment of I Understand Women, helping men grok the question: “What Should I Do With My Hair?”.

Scroll down a bit to find TunafishNews, where Mr. Archer has been on fire of late. In particular, I enjoyed: Dick Cheney Now Just a Disembodied Brain, Experts Say Universe Designed by Three Stooges, and Conservative Scholars React Cautiously to Bush Court Pick. On a related note, the headline, “Gravitas and a buck will get you a cup of coffee” at Jesus’ General today made me snorf.

To keep it balanced, I must also recommend Mister Snitch’s “Who’s the Dummy?”. Remember the SNL episode where Phil Hartman played a genius Ronald Reagan who just pretended to be dumb? Well, “W” probably watched it. (How he remembered it with all the drinking he was doing at the time, I’ll never know. Just another indication of how frickin’ brilliant he is — enough brain cells to waste with booze and drugs!)