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Writing Other Worlds seminar

If you are in London (Ontario) or the neighbourhood, I invite you to join me and three other “genre” writers at The Arts Project at 7 pm on November 18, Friday evening. (It’s at 203 Dundas St., between Clarence and Richmond.)

We’ll be having a seminar about “Working in Genre Fiction” — the creative aspects, and the business aspects — and reading from our new novels. If you’re interested in SF, Fantasy, Horror or Crime/Myster fiction, then you’l find this interesting. The other participants include:

  • Kelly Armstrong (The Otherworld Series)
  • R. Scott Bakker (The Darkness that Comes Before)
  • Lori A. May (The Profiler)

It’s $15 at the door, which includes a coupon for 20% off books from the UWO BookStore. I’ll have a few copies of The Amadeus Net on hand too, if you’d like to get one from me directly.