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Beijing Olympic Mascots: Tibetan Dissident Bi-athalon

Mascots demonstrate the Tibetan Dissident Bi-athalonThe Skwib was surprised to discover how original and forthright the new Olympic mascots are. For example, the one shown is for a demonstration sport, which popular within the “justice” system of the People’s Republic of China.

It’s called Tibetan Dissident Bi-athalon — a running and shooting event. As you know, the winter Olympics has its own biathalon event, which features cross-country skiing and shooting. The difficulty in that event is shooting while you’re breathing hard from the exertions of the skiing. In this event, the running and shooting are done by different parts of the team.

This is part of a series that The Skwib plans to feature for the next little while, getting you all used to the new mascots. In this week’s edition, we can see Yingying the Tibetan Antelope running for his life (running) from his team-mate, Jingjing the Prison Guard. (If you look really carefully, you can see that Jingjing has already winged Yingying.)

Exciting stuff! Next event: Organ Relay.

More demonstration sports with the Beijing Olympic Mascots:
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