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Ask General Kang: How do you address the work-life balance?

Ask General KangFor myself, I like to knock off work at about 3 pm, hit the links or drop by the club for a single malt scotch (or three).

Back on my homeworld, Neecknaw, I expected my troops, commanders, and personal grooming team to work 24/7, but that turned out to be unrealistic. So eventually I let them have 10 hours off, per week. They could do with it what they willed: sleep, eat, bathe, and so on. (Though very few of my Gorriloids-in-Fezes Brigade ever chose to bathe.)

The main thing is that they worked so hard, they couldn’t possibly consider rebellion.

It seems to be working on this planet too.

Next time: I’m planning on a move to the inhabitable planet they just discovered near our solar system. Is its five-times Earth gravity going to pose a problem to my priceless origami collection?

Alltop is the folded paper of the Internet. Originally published in April, 2007.