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Ask General Kang: What do you do when you wake up the next morning, and regret something you may have done the night before?

ask general kangNo regrets man, that’s for the weak.

Yeah, but what if you made a really important decision, a decision that could really affect your life — I don’t know, say you elected a right-wing government when you don’t really believe anything they stand for, just because you wanted to punish the previous government.

Like I said, you punk, no regrets! But if you’re worried about what you’re new government is going to do, just remember that it’s only for a few precious years of your life.

Besides, eventually party discipline will break down and the religious nutters will start saying things like, “hey, let’s have a free vote on abortion!” and, “it would be cool if everyone in Canada accepted Jesus as their personal saviour.”

But THEN who will you vote for?

See, your life really would be so much easier if you didn’t have to think about these things, and let an experienced intergalactic overlord take care of you. I happen to know one who’s currently between galactic empires.

Next time: What sort of career opportunities are there in the intergalactic warlord sector?