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The Carnival of Satire #9

The Carnival of SatireThis week’s Carnival of Satire has a fun mix of satire that lampoons religious, political, sports and media figures. Note, the graphic for this COS was supplied by someone who says they think this dancer actually looks like Pat Robertson. [A close-up here, potentially nsfw.] We don’t think so. Not at all, because we found it oddly arousing, and that would be wrong on so many levels.

Following up on The Skwib’s recent curse on the reverend (may a plague of rabbits nibble his bum) Ahistoricality at Ahistoricality sets Pat Robertson’s theology to music in Stick Your Finger In God’s Eye. Hooot!

David Brazeal at Horn+Swoggled introduces us to the X Games, which are two “xs” short of being really fun, and Willow Creek in X Games Signs Deal with Willow Creek. Now that’s good satire!

With the newest Hairy Poiter movie about to be unleashed on us, Playah Grrl at Little Green Colloquium is quite timely in helping us with a persistent web problem (for some), to whit: Defense Against the Dark Arts Manual Update: Emo-Kidz.

Bob at either orr takes us to lotusland, where The government in the whorehouse business?. If that isn’t enough to get you interested, Bob “interviews” Jack A. John, a self-described “connoisseur of courtesans.”

Laurence Simon at IFOC News presents Rice Says Al-Qaida State Will Help American Security

Hoodlumman at File it Under explains why it is that Mayhem Grips FOXNews. And no, it’s not because they’ve run out of jingoistic theme music.

Finally, an explanation for why the White House is right all the time! Tommy at Striving For Average makes it all clear in A Revised Transcript

Buckley F. Williams at The Nose On Your Face presents Top 9 Other Terrell Owens Complaints Against The Eagles.

And to wrap up, The Man at GOP and the City presents Macgyver/Bauer 2008 . We really wish this would happen. Dr. Tundra, Thag and Mark would all vote for Macgyver in 2008. (That is, if we were allowed to.) If he’s not running himself, General Kang is most definitely a General Zod man, er, primate.

Okay, this week’s was good fun, and once again we look forward to next week’s submissions. (Really.) Remember you can submit here with this handy form, and the COS is listed at the Ubercarnival, and at the Blog Carnival too.


  1. MacBauer vs Zod

    The 9th Carnival of Satire is up at the skwib. I submitted my post on the Macgyver/Bauer 2008 ticket, while the carnival author also linked to another potential opponent of the MacBauer team, General Zod…

  2. Carnivals and Links and Funnies, Oh My!

    Thanks to the following sites for including us in their carnivals this past week: Carnival of Crazy X at File It Under (still indictment free) Carnival of Comedy at Radioactive Liberty Carnival of the Vanities at The Examining Room of

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