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Carniblog Monday

Some more Monday carnival action, starting with Best of Me, hosted at The Owners Manual, where you’ll find The sarcastic cyborg debriefs, along with some other interesting posts, of these I most enjoyed Idler Yet’s rant about the misuse of the word “epicenter”.

The Skwib has also particpated in the Carnival of the Capitalists, hosted at View From a Height, with the posting about Taco Bell’s bully-enraging ads. On the topic of marketing, Drakeview’s notes on the echo generation are well taken. And of course, The Conservative Cat’s, funny stuff from the weekend. (Same post.) Also, see Mickey’s Musings for the Carnival of Dogs, which mentions the Lost Power Point Slides (Dog Edition).

And on Tuesday morning, there is the Carnival of Liberty, on of my faves. In addition to my collaboration with Phil Hartman, the caveman lawyer post, you’ll find this explanation of the First Amendment from Fearless Philosophy.