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Level Two: The Monkey

monkey in control

From The Levels of Drinking Consciousness: A Unified Theory:

The Hammer leads, inevitably, to “The Inebriation,” leading you to the next layer down, the monkey layer.

Now, this part of our mind understands that there are consequences to actions. It’s social too. The monkey might want to say”¦ have sex with your best friend’s sibling, but it probably wouldn’t because it would understand that it would get punished if it did. If it thought it could get away with it, then perhaps it would proceed. It is the part of the mind that buys rounds for that person at the end of the bar, because, as Miller says, “you like their face.”

The monkey, in other words, is the ego.

At some point, you will have the drink that we, in the Cult, call “The Wedge”. This beverage totally frees monkey, and is the part of the evening that is most fun. It is the part that Miller spends most of his routine describing. “We’re going to Florida!” Now, if you continue to drink, then you are entering dangerous, dangerous territory.

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