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The Lost Power Point Slides: Fortean Edition

Charles Fort, circa. 1920In honor of Charles Fort’s birthday (Aug. 6, 1874) The Skwib offers these slides from Fort himself, the man who invented the word teleportation, and who spent most of his life examining the territory between science and the absurd.

Explaining one of his 1915 manuscripts, called ‘X’ (slide 10)

  • Always been interested in planet Mars
  • Mars inhabited by red, pink and orange races of humanoids
  • The red race, or Barsoonians, actually control events on Earth.

Explaining his other 1915 manuscript, called ‘Y’ (slide 6)

  • Sinister civilization hides under the South Pole
  • There are also dinosaurs there too.

Explaining why he burned both manuscripts (slide 2)

  • Showed them to Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • He thought they were great
  • If he liked them, they were probably crap.

Introducing alien abductions (slide 3)

  • Abduct human beings by means of “teleportation”
  • (An alien technology that allows instantaneous travel between two distant points)
  • For some reason, they are particularly interested in the business end of our digestive tracts.

Presenting ‘Wild Talents’, his 1932 book (slide 12)

  • Okay, “teleportation”. Phew, what was I thinking?
  • Teleportation is not an alien technology or ‘cosmic joker’
  • Teleportation is the result of freakish propensity to engage one’s primeval mind
  • Less than one in one million people have this propensity
  • I am one of them. Just kidding. I can barely THINK, let alone teleport things.

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