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Toulouse Le Grandfig in the Land of the Future

Toulouse Le Grandfig in the Land of the Future

In 1933, Toulouse Le Grandfig disappeared.

To this day, no one has ever documented where he was or what he was actually doing, but it is worth noting that his collection of photos and stories, “The Land of the Future” was published the next year by Placenta Press (Paris). In his short autobiography, “Burning Monkey Tales”, he claimed that he travelled to the future, where he witnessed (and recorded) all kinds of wonders:

“After my morning grapefruit-and-sandpaper ablutions, it was customary for me to dogpaddle upstream to visit my ancient hominid ancestors in Paris. But on that particular day, I was caught in a maelstrom — a whirlpool of such savagery that my cufflinks all but ate my eyebrows — and I must have blacked out from the pain. When I awoke, I found myself in a world as alien as mustardseed ungulate pie … the Land of the Future.”

Of course, this was typical Grandfigian hyperbole, but there are still no satisfactory scientific explanation for how he came to take some of the photographs in this collection.

Our selection from this groundbreaking work includes the following:

Warrantee-Free! | The New Clone 12000 Helmet Finally Comes to Market | Truculent Guitar Blastocyte | Tonight on “Survivor: Sumo” | Nude Clanking Down a Staircase | Ancient Hominid Thawed! | E-nnui | Groin-eriffic! | Zoological Wonders from Planet Earth | Bathtime Follies | Bringing Good Things to Life | Red Juggernaut | Giganto-Schism | Greetings from Bonodminton | The Tragic Story of Larry and Wanda Pogo | Does your robot rule, so to speak? | A Mysterious Dream | Survival Tips for Tiny and Polite Humans | Joel and the Corporate Ziggurat | The Six Million Dollar Pleasure Borg | The Cannon

Thank the good folks a Flickr for creating a ready source of artwork under the Creative Commons license, and in particular the following artists for allowing me to use their work under the Share Alike provisions: The Alieness GiselaGiardino | Abux77 | roBurky | sparktography | djwudi | monettenriquez | will pate | Alan Trotter | wintersweet | doc ido | balaam | Bjarte | Aune Olsen | litmuse | C!b0rg5 | SpooSa | Elsie Esq. | Chris Chappelear | jonhmuk | Dplanet | lhuiz | nabeel | scurzuzu | kingpest | tiptoe | mvandrew | squacco | crowolf | doctabu | jstar | blaster219 | Max Sparber | Kurainisei | misfitgirl


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