Hamster Naming Guide, 2008 Protocols

HamsterNamingGuide2009 by lunchbreath

I don’t have 2009 or 2010 protocols available to share, but for those of you naming hamsters in 2011:

  • Obvious: Hammy
  • Portly: Kirstie
  • Good: Buddha (also could be used for Portly, if male)
  • Evil: Gehenna
  • Skinny: Imogen
  • Cryptic: Thangador

I would love to know some of the other guides, but alas, I am too lazy to google. Feel free to inform me in the comments.

Alltop needs Honey Badger naming guidelines. Thanks to lunchbreath, on Flickr, for his awesome: HamsterNamingGuide2009. Confusing!

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