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Formation (1856-1880)
London, Ontario (1880-1904)
Travels (1904-1919)
A Long Twilight (1919-1948)

...Chesleyan Timeline
...The Oeuvre


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crossing niagara gorge
The Niagara was always a draw for loonies and adventurers.

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Throughout the 19 th century, Niagara Falls was a Mecca for daredevils, adventurers, inventors and other assorted loonies from around the world. Given the relatively close proximity of London Ontario to the Falls, one has to wonder why neither the adventurous Emily Chesley or her inventive Uncle Michael Flannigan ever attempted to conquer the falls. One need not wonder further.

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Formation (1856-1880)
From her humble beginnings in Ireland to her arrival in London, Ontario as a woman of means, these chapters reveal much about the genesis of her character. ...see the chapters....>

London, Ontario (1880-1904)
These turbulent years proved difficult for Emily, but also proved some of the most productive in her life of writing.  Afrikaans of East Nissouri and Brain Beasts of Blenheim Township were both penned in this period. ... see the chapters....>

Travels (1904-1919)
Leaving London, Ontario behind, Emily forges her way into the world at large, taking part in the epic struggles of the day, and meeting her share of Norwegians.  Her years of leisurely travel are shockingly truncated in 1919. ...see the chapters....>

A Long Twilight (1919-1948)
Blessed with the Freakish Flannigan genome, Emily leads an active and resiliant life up until her heroic end in 1948.  Our Speculative Songstress plays a remarkable part in these dark years of depression and fascism.  ...see the chapters....>

...Chesleyan Timeline (1789-2003)
A chronology of events covering the lifetimes of Emily Chesley, Michael Flannigan and the Circle. 

...The Oeuvre
Don't forget to check out our scholarship on Emily's prolific output!



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