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recent "scholarship"

An alert Chesleyan enthusiast has sent along her research notes about a spurious comic strip from the 60s, which clearly impugns Emily's character. 

The Wonder is one of Emily's most early works, and one of the most successfully ripped off.

The Chesley Carp Controversy stems from Emily's hatred of the English, and disgust with bottom feeders in general.

Read the "research" ...>

Far from her most successful novel, The Warlord of West McGillivary is one of Emily's most interesting works, correctly predicting the rise of totalitarianism, and incorrectly predicting the importance of fashionable cruiseware. 

Read the review ...>

The dark and disturbing tale that has yet to see the light of publication. Learn all about Emily Chesley's "Nose Lord of Nilfheim"

Now you can consult the Chesleyan Timeline.

Emily was a prodigious writer of speculative fiction and poetry, and in this section of our website, we introduce our "research" into her many speculationist works.

Featured Research:

Chesleyan Chestnuts galore! Chesleyan enthusiasts in Bavaria and Austria have been especially alert of late. Discover the disturbing connection between Oktoberfest and "bipedal" food movement. And speaking of Superman, did Emily influence the comic's creators?

...see all the Chesnuts in the archive..>

(in)Complete Works

We continue to uncover new selections in the Tundra Collection, including unpublished manuscripts and barely published works.  Our (in)Complete Works page outlines all our discoveries so far.

Original Fiction & Poetry
As part of our mission, we occasionally publish Emily's original unpublished short fiction and poetry here, as well as interesting entries from our Tundra Prize Contest.

Novel Gallery
You can also check out our gallery of Emily Chesley's novels -- the cover artwork will lead to our reviews and "scholarship" about the stories.

Chesleyan Chestnuts

Finally, you can check out our Chesleyan Chestnuts -- the bagatelle of our "scholarship" efforts. 



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