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Associated Figures


William Thudworth

Joseph "Spungy" Freakinswad
Banger McReady
Alfrend Lord "Tennisanyone?"

Quentin Farkmee
Lewis Carroll
J. R. R. Tolkein
Richard Maurice Bucke
H. G. Wells
Florence Deeks

Mahatma Gandhi
Lord Reginald
"Mimsy" Gorcharp
Sir Adam Beck

Toulouse Le Grandfig
Clara Wilton Smigglesworth

Gunter Gruntz
Desmond "Curry" Riffles
The Friar's Tarts
Brigadier Pudding (ret.)

St. Catherine Among the Hermaphrodites


Welcome to the associate figures part of our site. Both Emily Chesley and Michael Flannigan met many important historical figures in the fields of politics, literature, art, science . . . most fields of human endeavor. Some were major influences in their time, and some are of little historical note, but they all were influenced -- and had an impact -- on Chesley and Flannigan.

Featured "Research":

becks faceLondon, Ontario is (somewhat) famed for being the home of Sir Adam Beck, champion on electric power in the early years of the 20th century. But few know that both Emily Chesley and Michael Flannigan had a profound influence on the father of electrification.

read our profile of Sir Adam Beck...>

Other Profiles:

Lickstamp O'BaybeeLearn all about London's own Lickstamp O'Baybee, whose telegram-art might have been forgotten, if not for a chance explosion and the archival proclivities of the London Police Force.

read the editor's notes
and the telegrams here...>

One of London's own, Brigadier Pudding (ret.) kept an immaculate journal, somewhat incongruous with his scatological yearnings.

read the notes and an excerpt from his memoirs...>

H. G. Wells and his passion for "jumblies"Emily inspired many writers, including H.G. Wells and an historian unknown to many, Florence Deeks.  Little did Emily know it at the time, but she was a pivotal figure in the curious case of Deeks v. Wells. the monograph ...>



Desmond "curry" Riffles

Assassin, old India hand, and lifelong friend of Michael Flannigan.

He was also master of the "poofy jig," a dance craze that swept through the British Empire in the 1840s.


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