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Michael Flannigan - a life of invention





In the inventions section of the website, we are still featuring the strange Apparatus for the prevention of aliens bursting out of the chest.




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Though known primarily for his prowess as a Victorian inventor, Michael Flannigan had the heart of an adventurer -- both qualities inspired his niece, Emily Chesley in her writing.

featured research:

The final two parts of our GREAT Chapter 11 project:

The Nehal Renunciation

The Heidelberg Disaster

or read the chapter from the start...>

Our latest monographs are Bulletproof: Michael Flannigan's Last Gunfight.

and The Inventor's Conference at Mahalem.


Peruse his biography by chronology, or by chapter:

Michael Flannigan: A Life of Invention

Chapter 1: Born in the Age of Invention (1783-1799)

Chapter 2: How Thick Was Trevithick? (1799-1803)

Chapter 3: Flannigan at Trafalgar (1803-1805)

Chapter 4: Flannigan and the War of 1812 (1805-1819)

Chapter 5: The Infamous Seal Penis Incident (1819-1821)

Chapter 6: The Vibraphonic Bellows Era (1821-1829)

Chapter 7: Zanzibar's Freak Festival (1829-1833)

Chapter 8: The Manx Minx (1833-1836)

Chapter 9: Sloe Gin, Head Hurly and the Bull Ring Riots (1836-1839)

Chapter 10: Flannigan and The Great Game (1839-41)

Chapter 11: The Road to Heidelberg (1841-1848)

Part 1: The Tora Bora Trek
Part 2: The Cockup in Cabool
Part 3: The Jammu Jaunt
Part 4: The Bengali Bivalvular Rebreather
Part 5: The Nehal Renunciation
Part 6: The Heidelberg Disaster

Chapter 12:

We also have a selection of excellent monographs:

To Bardo and Back (1850-1852)
Read all about Flannigan's ill-fated expedition to climb Mount Everest in 1852, in:

Feng Brat (1850-1851)
Little did he know the inspiration he would find in China. 

Joseph "Spungy" Freakinswad (1850-1860)*

The Inventor's Conference at MahHalem (1861)

Bulletproof: Michael Flannigan's Last Gunfight (part one) (1891)

Bulletproof: Michael Flannigan's Last Gunfight (part two) (1892)

*in the Associated Figures section of the site

Check out the inventions section of the website, which outlines the many creations of Michael Flannigan, and reveals much of his personal history at the same time.


Finally, the chesleyan timeline.



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