Carnival of Satire (#116)

The Carnival of Satire (116)You thought there wasn’t going to be another one of these, didn’t you? Well, I admit, between finishing up Marvellous Hairy, and actual paying work, it was touch and go. But there is some great satire here so the show had to go on. Thanks, as always, to the people who follow the submission instructions and helped out by submitting the best satire (written by someone else) they could, and may a thousand self-absorbed liver flukes plague those who spammed me!

As always, Future Update has its mechanically-enhanced finger on the pulse of the people in 2029 with this disturbing story: Seattle Police Break Up Ring of Fake Robots.

Speaking of ersatz cybercrime, Mad has a paean to this week’s outrageous Kindle Swindle. We’re all very worried about future changes to the ebooks they provide, including Archer.

And courtesy of Mad, we have a news item from the Borowitz Report worth making an extra booze run for: Obama Names Thursday “Drink A Beer With Someone Who Arrested You Day” Ah yes, the healing power of beer.

You know what goes well with beer? Angry Seafood. Luckily, I have a story from them about The Rosetta Stone for Women, giving all women hope that someday, men will learn their language.

Sometimes language is best if brief, such as This is not a story at Name Your Tale, which filled with 100-word wonders.

Feng is still clowning around with pithy words and funny pictures.

And the Fake Mark at Neonbubble is still in love with his Vintage Alien Magazine covers.
I’m pretty sure the Fake Mark lives in the UK. And I’m pretty sure, like the rest of the nation, sunshine makes him delusional. Good thing the MET had a way to fix that.

Oink oink! This edition’s image is from Azrainman’s latest Photoshop satire of the swine flu planning. Click on the magnifying glass and check out the detail on the syringe!

And rounding out this edition with a bit of — cough — non-satire, Elison, as is his wont, has a pithy, but pungent poem about heated Gruyère cheese. (This is probably not safe for work.)

And that’s it for the 116th edition. Thanks to these fine folks for helping us with webby-stuff: the Blog Carnival for their spamalicious form. You may find some satire here if you poke around a bit. Here too.


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