The Minkey that Stole the Pink Panther: Chief Inspector Dreyfus

I loved the Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies, but I always thought that Herbert Lom was on the edge of stealing these movies from their purported star — and in fact does in the Revenge of the Pink Panther (1976). I remember going to see it in the theatre with my family, and my mother and I were laughing so hard at one of the scenes that an usher had to ask us to leave (I think my mom was laughing at me laughing more than the movie). We had to go to the lobby to pull it together, which I did faster than my mom. We returned in time for the dentist scene, and my mom just kind of slumped down on the floor, laughing into her coat so she didn’t have to leave again.

Spoiler alert!

If you haven’t seen any of these films, then do not watch this video. It won’t make any sense, and it will ruin your first encounter with the genius of Herbert Lom, as he does a masterful bit of comic acting. (And I also am interested HOW you’ve never seen the Pink Panther movies — and I mean the good ones, starring Peter Sellers and directed by Blake Edwards.)

This compilation includes most of the best stuff, but you should also check out the second part for the aforementioned dentist scene, and Dreyfus’s eulogy of a “dead” Clousseau. The last part of the clip includes some stuff from The Trail of the Pink Panther, which isn’t nearly as well written, so you could probably skip it.

And if you ever have an opportunity to meet me in person, ask me to do my Dreyfus impression: “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better!”

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