The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Victoria Day Edition)

The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Victoria Day Edition)  -- pic of Queen VictoriaThe Queen presents: We Are NOT Amused –> Slide 12 (circa 1867)

  • I am de facto Queen of Canada?
  • How did that happen?
  • Bugger.

The Queen presents: We ARE Amused –> Slide 6 (circa 1868)

  • Have you tried this Vin Mariani?
  • Excellent concoction.
  • Made with cocaine, you say?
  • Makes me forget all about that Canada humbug.

The Queen presents: We Are REALLY Not Amused –> Slide 3 (circa 1901)

  • Now I’m the Queen of Australia too?
  • Oh, that’s just not right!
  • That’s the kind of news that could kill a person.

Government of Canada presents: Monday Before May 25 –> Slide 1 (circa 1952)

  • Must have holiday to kick off summer season.
  • Tell gardeners when they can plant stuff.
  • VD will do.

Bob and Doug MacKenzie present: May Two Four, Eh? –>Slide 2 (circa 1981)

  • Why is the holiday called the Two-Four, hoser?
  • It’s like, traditional to celebrate by drinking brewskies, eh?
  • So what?
  • And they come in cases of …
  • 24!
  • Beauty, eh?

More about Victoria Day.

Alltop is also not amused. Originally published May, 2006.

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