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Meat Treat — A Lunchtime Odyssey

I’ve actually had a job wearing big mascot-like costumes. For a brief period in 1988, I was employed as a singing telegram man, singing birthday greetings, anniversary congratulations and nuptial announcements in a number of places around town. I was able to play guitar and sing, so most of the time, I was given the top hat and tails costume, which yields just a small amount of psychic residue. However, the gorilla suit… (Well, just look around my website, and you’ll see it caused a certain amount of damage.)

All things you should keep in mind as you watch Meat Treat.

YouTube Preview Image
Alltop doesn’t see the problem.

Bear practicing his bo stick

Yep. This is a black bear, doing some kind of forest martial art. I’m not sure if it’s Kung Fu, but the song goes perfectly with the video.

Is anyone else alarmed that fearsome beasts are now learning how to fight us with our own weapons? What’s next, a mongoose with a machine gun? Wild turkeys with trebuchets?

YouTube Preview Image
You can find it online here, and the original footage here.

Alltop is pretty sure this video is messing with its chi.