Carnival of Satire: The Altruism-ing

Carnival of SatireI’m afraid I’m going to have to delay the Carnival of Satire by a week. There just weren’t enough submissions of bona fide satire in there to make it worthwhile. I’ve also noticed a disturbing trend — most of the submissions are so far off the mark that it’s actually kind of funny. Many of these submissions are by folks who seem to believe that the Blog Carnival system is a way to get links to their posts, relevant or not.

Perhaps the Age of the Carnival is over — as more people start blogging, it gets harder to have this kind of altruistic institution survive — but rather than give up, I’d like to institute a new rule:

Go find the best satiric blog post that is not written by you, and I’ll include it in the carnival, and give you credit for finding. (That way it’s altruistic, and we’ll all get to find great writing we might have missed, but you also get something out of it too.) You can find the Carnival of Satire page with the details here, or submit stuff directly using the form at the Blog Carnival.

Sound like a workable plan? Any other suggestions would be welcome in the comments.

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