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The Merchant Banker Awards

The viking banker

Thorsson had a very small but fanatically loyal client base.

They especially liked his aggressive stance vis-a-vis derivatives and lopping the heads off of their competition.

Alltop enjoys credit-swap de-cranialization. Originally published January 2007. Thanks to Hans S for the skull-splittingly good photo.

More of Toulouse Le Grandfig’s work can be found in the Toulouse Le Grandfig category.

The Smears of a Clown

BibbiThey were never going to give him a Nobel Prize for Buffoonery.

The Pulizer committee had told him in no uncertain terms that there wasn’t a category for astonishingly narrow, rakishly worn top hats.

And he’d been shut out of the Oscars for years, even though the critics had not condemned his broad portrayal of Adams, Taylor, and Taft in his “Flatulent Presidents” series of movies.

Still, at the end of the day, Bibbi the Intestinal Distress Clown was happy with his Genie Award.

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