Carnival of Satire (#105)

carnival of satire (105)Welcome to the 105th edition of the Carnival of Satire, now on a monthly schedule. As always, we have a collection of irony-choked posts, parodies and humorous satire for you, beginning with a trip down memory lane to 100-acre woods:

Satire Patch has tracked down the actor who played Piglet, in one of their poignant and entertaining Interviews With The Damned.

Tom Cowan delves into a disturbing new lifestyle trend in the UK: Child Capture.

Madeleine Begun Kane has this Popeye-inspired political ditty: McCains Bellicose Tune

Azelma Petit combines his business acumen and understanding of how to kick ass in The Chuck Norris Guide to Self Motivation

We’re sorry we didn’t get this carnival out before you were able to make use of Rickey Henderson’s helpful The Republican National Convention Drinking Game.

For all you fiction writers out there — worried your characters are two dimensional? A Leahey has 1002 Character Ideas that will ensure it!

julius bloop continues his satire of Gerald, WOW player in: Gerald’s Song (Or: How I Lost My Guild) .

Sammy Benoit at YID With LID has a modest request: Whoopi Goldberg->Please Change Your Name !!.

In our non-satire slot, we have a note of optimism (what, I hear you saying, in the Carnival of Satire?), to share from Brian Jay Stanley: Election Campaigns, Then and Now, and some fine snark from Ron McKie: God bless America.

And that’s it for the 105th edition. Thanks to these fine folks for helping us with webby-stuff: the Blog Carnival for their form; and the listings at the Ubercarnival, Ferdy’s permanent floating ping festival, and for the listings at the Blog Carnival too. Also, you may find some satire here if you poke around a bit. Here too.

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  1. Julius Bloop September 18, 2008 at 10:13 pm #

    Hey, thanks for including me!

    I hope everyone enjoys it.