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The Cannon

The Cannon -- the ride of a lifetime!

The marketing for “The Cannon, The Ride of a Lifetime” was a tad misleading, if accurate:

Hey kids, do you want to fly? Then come down to Uncle Savage’s Funzateria for Orphans and Undomesticated Children. We have the greatest ride ever invented by the cybertronic minds of NaziWorks 3000! (The Caring Company)! It’s free! And it makes you fly!

Just run into the gaping maw of the NaziWorks Happy Harlequin™ and you’ll be whisked upwards at the speed of sound.

Don’t worry about paying, because you’ll be airborn before we can even ask for your money.

It’s the most fun you’ll ever have. IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

From the Toulouse Le Granfig in the Land of the Future collection. | Brilliant artwork by Odegaard, and check out the full-sized pic here | Originally published in December, 2007.

Eventually, you’re going to need a robo-nun

Eucrecia is fitted for her new exoskeletonEucrecia was pretty exciting about her transformation into a Happy Ending Pleasure Bot, but the nice men at Nazi-Works 3000 were having problems with the fittings.

It was delicate work. The cavity extruder was just barely powerful enough to fit Eucrecia into the chest exoskeleton and having carefully examined her lady bits, the scientists were unsure if the standard accouterments would work.

Sister Mary Hand Job was experienced at this kind of thing. Besides, she was an enthusiastic amateur cyborgier, and the nunnery was running low on fresh ovaries.

Alltop is a tiny and polite human. Image shamelessly ripped off from Fengtastic, and I have no idea where they found it.