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The Marvellous Kindle Giveaway

Win a KindleI’m giving away one Kindle when my mailing list reaches 500!

How to Enter:

  1. Just join my newsletter, The MonkeySphere, and you’ll be entered in the draw. (Click on the link or fill out the form to the right.)

How to Enter Twice & Three Times:

  1. Buy Marvellous Hairy (paperback) (Kindle edition) and/or The Amadeus Net (Kindle).
  2. Forward your confirmation email from Amazon to me at marvellouskindle -at – gmail.com.

Full details are available at the Marvellous Kindle Giveaway page.

Alltop hopes to appear on Kindle some day.

Writing novels … buying novels

Dear regular readers (and all you bunged-up readers too),

I won’t be posting tons of original stuff for the next couple of weeks as I finish work on my new novel. On a related note, did you know I write novels? (You may have missed the ad over there to the right.)

So if you’d like to read some more of my stuff that is, frankly, WAY better than the rantings and delirium I churn out here on a regular basis, you should check them out. And if you’re reading this on Monday, January 17, and you own a Kindle, you’re in luck! You can still get a copy of Marvellous Hairy for $1.99! Goodreads members can get the epub version there for $1.99.

Marvellous Hairy is about a surrealistic novelist being turned into a monkey-man by an unscrupulous biotech giganto-corp, and his circle of friends trying to set things right. Available in many places, but you can get $2 off if you sign up for my newsletter and purchase at Amazon.

My first novel, The Amadeus Net, is the story of an immortal Mozart, his dalliance with sex-change surgery, Czech (lesbian) nurses, and a sentient utopian city. You will make my editor’s day if you buy The Amadeus Net direct from ENC Press.

Now here is a cartoon about robots:

cartoon about robots

Alltop thinks all this crass commercialism is disgusting.

Go Tuck (erize) Yourself — The Tuckerization

Go Tuck(erze) Yourself!There’s only a few days left to enter this contest, which includes a draw for:

  1. a chance to appear in a walk-on role in my next book
  2. a chance to win one of ten copies of Marvellous Hairy, a novel in five fractals
  3. a “mystery” item from my desk.

Now, if you’ve entered, or think you will, this is an excellent time to start thinking about how you would like to appear in my next book. Actually, to say next book is to narrow it down too much. I’m currently at work on two books; both are satires (naturally). One is a Would you be a pirate?speculative fiction, the broad theme of which is artificial intelligence, and the other is a historical fiction — or rather, a gentle send-up of the kinds of historical fictions that win Booker and Giller Prizes on a regular basis.

You can put yourself in either book. Almost anything goes. You can appear as yourself — with your name attached, or as a pseudonym. Or your cameo can be somewhat fictionalized. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a pirate. Or maybe a ninja. (I hope not, but there’s no accounting for tastes.) Maybe you’d like to be a character with an extra appendage. Almost anything goes, as long as we can work it into the story in a way that doesn’t completely destroy the structural integrity of the novel.

So, what do you imagine you’d like to do with this opportunity? Feel free to share here.

Still want to enter? Join my fan page or my newsletter (sign up for both to double your chances). You have until midnight, October 31st!

Alltop and humor-blogs.com are always ready for their close up. Excellent pirate pic by practicalowl.

Windows file copy dialog author visits some friends & Sunday O-Rama

Another classic xkcd: The author of the Windows file copy dialog visits some friends:

Windows file catalogue guy

Sunday O-Rama

While I’m procrastinating, perhaps a few announcements are in order.

MARVELLOUS HAIRY is coming! That’s right, my second novel is on the way this fall, courtesy of Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink, a publisher for “The Enigmatic Polygeneration”. If you’d like to sign up for my newsletter, or facebook page, you can get the details as they’re available, though the book should have a pretty good distribution, and all the usual online stores for sure.

For now, check out the cover:

MARVELLOUS HAIRY - a novel in 5 fractals

Review copies for influential readers are available. Just contact me.

Diesel, the zany mind behind Matress Police, and humor-blogs.com, is also a novelist. Go congratulate him for finishing his book, Mercury Falls, or better yet, sign up for his “interest list”. When it hits 500, he’s going to publish that puppy.

Another prolific friend, Ahmed Khan, is working putting together two anthologies right now, and one of my short stories, “Hounding Manny” has made the cut. You can check out the whole TOC for Fun Times in Strange Lands here. It’s a reprint of a story originally published by Oceans of the Mind, and it’s on the short fiction section of my site here: “Hounding Manny”.

Critical Monkey ContestIf you are a little more ambitious in your reading habits, you may want to check out a contest being run by Corey Redekop, the author of delightfully demented Shelf Monkey. He has thrown down the gauntlet, and begun the Critical Monkey Contest. Here’s what Corey has to say about it:

I, as I assume most people who read this blog are, am somewhat of a book snob. I don’t pretend to read only the ‘classics’ of the Western canon, but there’s a lot of crap out there I go out of my way to avoid. See? Right there, snobbery. Bad monkey! Bad!

So I have decided to launch Critical Monkey, a little contest designed to make us confront our fears, and read those we otherwise actively ignore. These do not have to be authors who are typically derided in literary publications; choices can be books you simply have never wanted to read for whatever reason. Never read a Charles Dickens, but always felt bad? Now’s your chance to try him on for size. Have you avoided Margaret Laurence because a lousy teacher force-fed you The Stone Angel and squeezed everything good out of it (guilty!)? Time to make her acquaintance. Anything you like. Even Harlequin romance novels. I double-dog dare you to try.

You can read the rest of the rules, entry details and promise of prizes here. Essentially, you need to read seven books you wouldn’t normally read, and blog a review about them. The masochist has already inflicted Twilight upon himself. I’ve yet to decide what I will read first.

Alltop and humor-blogs.com are much more reliable.